Miracle of life force - Filmteam

Stephan Petrowitsch, Initiator, Director, First Camera Unit, Interviewer, Producer, Projectorganisation

Andreas von Wehner, Producer

Dennis Feyh, Cutter, Second Camera Unit, Dortmund

Manuela Mayer-Hasselwander, Cutterin, Munich

Laila Milon, Cutter supervision, Cutterin, Munich

Argyris Germanidis, Cutter, Berlin

Mike Förster, Animation and Colour Grading, Munich

Oliver Guse, Recording Studio and one of the Voice Over Speakers, Munich

Michael Seyfried, Speaker, Munich

Thomas Wenke, Voice over Speaker, Munich

Stefanie von Poser, Speaker, Munich

Angelika Reicherter, Second Camera Unit, Dramatic Consultant, Tübingen

Christian Schulz, Dramatic Consultant, Munich

Albrecht Linden, Owner of, Soundtrack, Hürth

Peter Johannes Wenzel, Soundtrack, Kaufbeuren

Thomas Schmelzer, Final polish of the speakers text, Munich

The best product is useless if people don't know about it. So meanwhile we have a team of 12 volunteers, which contacts the cinemas, and promotes the movie by contacting local and nationwide supporters. So hopefully many people will get to know about "Miracle of life force" and find their cinema.